Upwork launches 0% fee for bringing your clients to the platform


As people’s needs are constantly shifting, there are new communication channels appearing all the time. This is because the business of today is mostly changing. For this purpose, there is always a need for a flawless experience that can speak directly to the potential consumers. This requires creating a personalized and engaging content marketing program with the world’s most renowned online workplace i.e. Upwork.

Upwork has launched a 0% fee campaign for the top rated freelancers who bring clients with them. This will make it easy for top rated freelancers to introduce their clients to Upwork. The top rated freelancer will be able to their Upwork reputation and additional boost while taking advantages of features such as invoicing and Upwork Payment Protection.

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For this purpose, freelancers will be asked to begin a contract with their client on Upwork. In order to get started, the freelancers will have to

  • Send their clients their personal invitation link which is


  • Have them hire the freelancer on the job.

  • 0% fee will be applied to the contract within three business days.







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