UAE is ranked as world’s second safest country

UAE is the country that has been ranked as the second safest place in the world, Khaleej Times reports.

It has come as a surprise for many as it left behind many popular destinations such as France, Singapore, Italy, the US, and Thailand. This ranking has been done by the U.K. based travel magazine for places with the lowest crime rate. The magazine has scored both UAE and Iceland with 6.6.

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The magazine ranked countries based on the data that was produced by the World Economic Fund(for crime rates), the world risk report(for the likelihood of major natural disasters), the NHS Fit for the Travel website, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s FCO assessment of the terrorism risk levels.

It has been reported that among all the safest destinations, Iceland surprisingly came out as the safest place. Also, the UAE and Singapore were also considered extremely safe whereas, Spain became the next popular destinations that were considered. Also, when it comes to health, UAE has been ranked as low risk and all the five European countries were marked as low risk, as well as the UAE, Japan, and the US.

When it comes to the risk of the natural disasters, UAE has been ranked as the third-safest in the world after Barbados and Iceland. Japan, however, was the riskiest country because of its frequent occurring earthquakes but was considered extremely safe by most other measures.

The countries which have appeared as the worst-rated for crime are India, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico, and Thailand.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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