Twitter is losing its high profile employees rapidly

From the outside it seems like Twitter is doing very well but on the inside, something is going wrong. This company is continuously facing departures of its high profile employees. It seems that all of its efforts to stop the executives from leaving the company have become useless.

The constant management bleed is bringing tough times for the social networking platform. Along with many others, its head of entertainment talent Lara Cohen has left the company. She was responsible for leading partnerships with content creators. And most recently, the company’s director of finance announced he is also leaving the Twitter platform. David Bicknell who was one of the middle manager didn’t take long to decide upon following the footsteps of his colleagues who left the company before him.

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With these continuous departures from the company, it’s hard to consider Twitter regaining its position. The platform is planning big for the future of video content and requires financial reform since it lost $143.6 million in the fourth quarter 2016.

The list of people who have already left the social networking platform is getting big. It includes Adam Messinger (CTP), Jeffrey Siminoff (the vice president of diversity and inclusion), Josh McFarland (Product VP and former TellApart CEO), Adam Bain (COO and unofficial company mascot), Natalie Kerris (VP of communications), Jana Messerschmidt (VP of global biz dev), Nathan Hubbard (VP of commerce and global media), and Skip Schipper (VP of human resources).

The exits are shaking the faith in the company’s future as it is encouraging other people to leave the company as well. Now the downturn of the platform has become a bit of a cliché and the continuous departures are making it seem true. This situation can slow down the product and business development of the company. The platform must spend money to recruit new talented individuals as a replacement for the loss. This will build up confidence in other employees and will prove that Twitter can regain its position.

Via: Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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