Turn on location services to use basic filters with SnapChat

For users, SnapChat has enabled location services by using its basic filters. The platform has introduced this feature in a hope that it will not be copied by Facebook. The SnapChat users that have disabled location will see the following message when they attempt to use filters.

Previously, the platform had asked its users to turn on the location services only when they are using geofilters and speedometer. But the users are reporting that the augmented reality facial recognition filters which are still functioning without the required of enabled location services.

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Although the company has not explained the feature on a broader level but the latest release indicates the ability to create a Story for friends in a specific location. This actually provides a way to avoid SnapChat’s permission request without granting is an entrance to your location.

But according to the reports, denying the app location permission can ultimately bypass the request. So there will be a need to use filters without allowing SnapChat’s access to a location. This will trick the app into believing that you have already done so.

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