TrackR is a coin sized GPS device to track your lost items and its unbelievably cheap.

31mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick with battery life upto a year, TrackR is a coin sized device that works all over the world and tracks your lost items. It comes with a water resistant case and unlike the typical expensive GPS tracking equipments it does not need to be installed or paid monthly.

This tiny device is an advanced tracking system and work with iOS/Android phones to find your lost items instantly.

How does it work?

It is very simple, install the app on your phone, connect the app to the device and you are all set. The device has built-in GPS system. Imagine you parked your car in a basement of a shopping mall and few hours later forgot where did your park your car, with help of your mobile app you can easily locate the car (the device has to be placed inside the car. No installation, just put it in your dashboard or anywhere you feel comfortable with and that is it). It works for everything, image attaching the device to your cycle, bag or car keys.

You can find the lost items in seconds.


How much does it cost and do they ship worldwide?

Now that is the most interesting part, we searched Ali Express for GPS tracking systems and most of them are the equipments that have to be installed in the car, besides they fall in the range of US$ 30-100 per item.

TrackR costs only $29, it also ships to Pakistan for an additional price of $10 (shipping), see screen shot as we completed a checkout process and selected Pakistan in the Country.

TrackR checkout Pakistan

Your search is over, watch the video to see how TrackR works

Track your items, your search is over.



Written by Hisham Sarwar

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