Top 10 stories of 2016

Technology sector, the vital source of innovation for all businesses remained extremely momentous in 2016. Different trends in phones and laptops were seen during the year but the stories of exploding phones and catching of Pokemon characters made to the headlines.

Following are the top ten stories that remained in headlines throughout the whole year.

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Pokemon Go:

This game became extremely popular around the world and rocked tech world with its release. In the first week of its launch, Pokemon Go crossed 5.6 million downloads. This game has been officially launched in Pakistan this month.

The Art World of Prisma:

An amazing photo application Prisma also gained so much hype this year. It brought a revolution for turning boring images into extremely beautiful pieces of art. The application redefines art filtering along with adding color shades to images. A combination of artificial intelligence and neural network takes the form of art from famous artist. By combining them with user’s picture creates an image that looks like a painting from one of the famous artists.

Ditching of the Apple’s iPhone Jack:

In 2016, Apple replaced its standard 3.5mm headphone jack with its latest device. Even the launch of iPhone 7 was overshadowed by the historic ditching of the Apple’s headphone jack.

Samsung exploding Note 7 devices: 

This was not a good year for Samsung as its devices kept on exploding. Samsung remained in a controversy due to device explosions and had to recall around 2.5 million Note 7’s from ten markets including US.

WhatsApp  Video Calling:

The most popular communication app WhatsApp introduced its fully encrypted video calling feature. For both Android and iOS, the feature is available, but it is limited to Android 4.1 or higher OS phoens.

Launch of Uber in Karachi:

Uber finally arrived in Karachi for providing ride-sharing facilities to people. But the service needs an improvement in the severe delays and driver complaints section.

Spectacles by SnapChat: 

SnapChat introduced its sunglasses with a built-in camera named Spectacles. This feature allows users to record 10 seconds video snippets.


Hyperloop remained popular in 2016 for its ability to connect cities through network of tubes which make it possible to cover a distance of 380 miles in 35 minutes.

Yahoo’s email hack:

Yahoo remained in the top news for being hacked for its customer’s information. Personal data of over a billion users was stolen in 2013. It was followed by another breech which affected over 500 million Yahoo users.

Fake posts on Facebook:

Facebook was regarded as a big platform for fake posts that impacted the US presidential election. Although denied by its CEO for being a source of misinformation but the accusations continued.

Via: Tribune Express

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