Tim Cook’s round table meeting with Trump came as a surprise

Apple's Tim Cook waves at the Apple Watch launch event. [Image Source: The Verge] -

This whole year was news-filled for the digital world from launches of latest devices to tech-heads meeting the newly elected president of US. But following is the round-up of all the news for just this week.

The recently held meeting of the tech leaders with President Trump created a lot of hype across the whole industry. Participation of Tim Cook in the round table meeting came as a surprise to most of the people. For explaining the reason Cook sent an internal memo to his employees. He stated that he does not consider staying alone a good choice. The real power is to be able to influence issues by becoming part of the game.

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With more focus towards laptop, Apple is considered to be making less up gradations for its desktop products. But Time Cook recently confirmed that the company is still making developments and have extremely good plans for future of its desktop products.

After the meeting with the California DMV in San Francisco, Uber’s Self-driving cars have been ordered to stop their operations. This is due to lack of an appropriate state permit. Cyclist advocacy groups also expressed their cautions for dangerous involved to bikers due to automated vehicles.

With the approach of next year, Apple’s iPhone sales slowed down and demand for Apple watch reduced as well. Google introduced two major hardware products Google Pixel and Google Home and proved itself more than just a search engine.

George A. Polisner, a senior staff member of Oracle steeped down from his post after the enterprises tech titan participated in the Trump’s transition team.

Adam Messinger of Twitter who has been the company’s CEO for almost four years left the company.

SuperMario made it to iPhones and broke the mobile gaming download records but the company Nintendo experienced reduction in its shares. The shares dropped to 15% within five days of the game launch.

A lawsuit was filed against Uber from its own employee for misleading employees regarding their equity compensation. According to the case, to recruit extremely required employees Uber devised a fake scheme.

Facebook proved itself more than just a social networking platform. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is no more a traditional media company because it has brought a lot of innovation in today’s technology.

Abuse on social network has forced people to believe that internet users still think digital world is not affecting the reality. There is no way to cancel the digital involvement that defines medium of the 21st century.

Uber’s Middle Eastern competitor Careem reported to raise $350M funding round at a $1 B valuation.

The BitTorrent Live App became available on iOS. For file downloads BitTorrent invented peer-to-peer technology that transfer data from a centralized source to the people.

Google underwent a big transition in 2016. The platform focused most of its attention towards its own hardware, the cloud, and the enterprise. Google remained at the forefront for its AI and machine learning efforts.

Via: Tech Crunch

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