Tilt, an app that makes reading easier

In today’s life, digital reading has become a dominant experience. Despite the development technology, the total equivalence in computer and paper-based reading tasks is not possible to achieve. For supporting efficient digital reading on mobile devices, many ways have been introduced and are considered to improve the reading experience.

For making digital reading a seamless experience, a new app Tilt has been introduced that reduces the need to touch the display ever so often. This app gives users the ability to scroll through articles just by tilting their device up and down. This is the special feature of the new app that has created all the hype for attracting people to start using it. For years, Tilt was available for users through third-party apps on Android and iOS but it required users to root the device first and then grasp the tweak from an alternative app store.

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With Tilt, users can enjoy the content more easily by tilting for scrolling pages. This is helpful, particularly with larger devices. With the upcoming trend of bezel-less phones, this feature can come in handy to allow scrolling. This would even avoid the accidental touches with the side of a user’s palm on the screen. For Tilt, this might be just the beginning as it would take a lot of time to come up with a more improved control. This app is available currently on Google Play and is available for free.

Via: The Next Web

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