This ‘Single’ technology could likely result in World War III says Elon Musk

After unveiling the space suit for upcoming SpaceX mission, Elon Musk is now predicting the future. CEO of Tesla, SpaceX expressed his views on Twitter about the fundamental importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can cause the world war III.

The Twitter rant started with a Verge article. On Friday, a Verge reporter James Vincent talked about how Russian President Putin gave a talk to over million of Russian students via Satellite link.

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Putin said, if Russia ended up dominating the AI space, he will share the knowledge with the world.

According to Musk:

Musk Also Tweeted:

And this prediction alone is very scary, reminds me of Terminator movie series where the actual threat was the self activated cyber war-fare attacks carried by a cyborg that could destroy the world. It is alarming to see that the next big war is not going to be initiated by the humans, instead AI could head into it first.

Via: TNW

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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