These 6 habits instigate stress and make millennial unproductive

The newest generation of millennial is also the most anxiety-ridden. These are the members of the group roughly between the ages of 18-33. But this collective group of young adults has been the subject of a large amount of mental health research and data collection. The research is still continuing because the millennial is the largest generation group to suffer from stress as well as anxiety. They are also the ones who make up the highest percentage of adults who are at risk for mental illness.

Research has confirmed that the factors that play a big part in the anxiety of this millennial generation are their bad habits. These are the habits that instigate stress and make millennial unproductive:

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Poor sleep:

The biggest contributor to the increased stress of individuals is the lack of sleep. Sleep plays a significant role in keeping your brain active but not having enough of it can ramp up the brain regions that contribute to excessive worrying. It has been suggested that you must follow a boring night time routine that is free from all kinds of technological devices. Keep specific patterns for going to bed and waking up and it will help you to get enough sleep to keep your brain and body active.

Skipping meals:

People suffering from hunger and thirst suffer from anxiety related issues more often. It is because waiting too long to eat or missing out meals leads to shakiness, confusion, dizziness, and even difficulty in speaking. Therefore, you must eat meals regularly and stay hydrated all day long to avoid any such problems.

More caffeine:

Many people think that drinking more coffee makes them alert and helps them to perform better. But in reality, too much caffeine makes you jittery and irritable. If you are already predisposed to anxiety, caffeinated drinks can make the situation even worse. So, if you drink multiple cups of coffee in a day then reduce them down to just one and it would be better if you commit to quit anything that includes caffeine.

Sitting for long hours:

Working in front of computers makes you sit for extremely long hours without even realizing. Researchers have found that the risk of anxiety increases especially when the sitting time is more than normal. Therefore, make it a habit to get up and walk after every ninety minutes and do regular exercise to avoid suffering from depression and anxiety.

Phone addiction:

Another biggest factor that contributes to the anxiety of millennial is their phone addiction. Too much of use of technology make you anxious and the screen-based entertainment increases the central nervous system arousal which amplifies anxiety. Next time you think of checking your phone for no reason, do something completely different. Leave your phone in your pocket or in your purse when you have to meet people and indulge in meaningful conversation.

Hanging out with anxious people:

Studies have proved that spending time with people who are anxious; make your own anxiety worse. The participation in intergroup anxiety increases anxious behaviors, therefore, seek out people who level your mood. It is always better to spend time with people who are stable and add to your wellbeing.

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