These 5 simple WhatsApp tricks can ensure your maximum privacy

Facebook-owned WhatsApp messenger is the most popular messaging App in the world. After Facebook’s acquisition, WhatsApp has changed its terms of service (ToS). Days are not far when advertisement is officially rolled out in Facebook. The advertisement hint by Mark Zuckerberg has caused a spur among the original founders of WhatsApp who have resigned from Facebook.

In order to ensure maximum privacy on WhatsApp, following 5 simple tricks can prove worthy.

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Last Seen:

WhatApp privacy settings allow any user to view your ‘last seen’ status. It shows the time when you were last active/online. If the setting is put to ‘Everybody‘ which it is by default, then anyone can check out when you were last active on WhatsApp. You can switch the ‘Last seen‘ activity to ‘Nobody‘ from your WhatsApp settings.

Profile Photo:

If you keep the profile picture visibility to friends only, this will prevent your non saved contacts from seeing and downloading your profile photo.

Message Previews:

WhatsApp recent update gives you a small preview of all your incoming messages. You can turn this feature off by going to the Notification settings and toggling the ‘Show Preview‘ option to off.

WhatsApp Status:

WhatsApp statuses are videos, photos or text messages that appear for 24 hours. You can share the status with your friends only if you do not make your posts public.

Read Receipts:

WhatsApp tells the sender whether their message has been read or not.  You can turn off the read receipts and blue ticks will not show which is a WhatsApp sign of showing that a message is read.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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