These ‘4’ factors determine getting a good night sleep

The glare from smartphones and tablets mimic daylight which disrupts your sleep. It disturbs the rest hormone and alters the sleep patterns. It’s just when your sleep pattern gets disrupted, you realize how important your sleep is. For many years, scientists have been engaged in sleep research. There are some tips given by experts to improve your sleep quality.

Before considering how to get a better sleep, it is important to have a clear idea what a good night sleep is. According to the National Sleep Foundation, following are the ‘4’ factors that define good sleep.

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  • Time taken to fall asleep is half an hour or less
  • At night, you wake up only once
  • It takes just 20 minutes to fall back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of night
  • 85% of the time on bed you are asleep

If all these requirements are met on regular basis, then you do not have any sleeping issues. But lacking even one of the factors on regular basis indicates you need to improve your sleep. A set of formula cannot be served as sleeping patterns of every individual are unique. The amount of sleep you get depends on numerous factors. It includes age, and how active you stay throughout the day. It is better to focus on how tired you are during the day.

As both little and too much sleep can affect your activeness and you can feel tired. The best way to track your sleep is to keep a sleep diary and note the patterns that help you determine how much sleep you need on average.

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