The iPhone XS — cooler, smaller and stylish

Apple’s new flagship phone is the iPhone XS and boy it is beautiful. Are you looking for the best Apple phone that has a lot to offer, big screen and fits in your pocket. Look no further than iPhone XS.

With a classy 5.8-inch diagonal OLED “Super Retina” HDR screen, 458 pixels per inch. The phone screen is actually taller than the old 8 Plus’s 5.5-inch screen but a little thinner

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It also has the best Apple camera ever. It comes with dual 12 megapixel cameras that offer stabilization and 2X optical zoom. Priced at $999 for the 64GB, iPhone XS is already expected to break all iPhone sales record.


Pre-orders start Friday, September 14th, and they ship and hit stores on September 21st.

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