The Tale of “TWO” different Harley Streets

Over the past few years, Our Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif, 66, has been getting treated for heart problems in London. He has been visiting London for regular medical checkups. After some scans and tests this year, a team of surgeons advised him to undergo a surgery. Under the supervision of world’s renowned surgeons, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif successfully underwent an open heart surgery at a private hospital in central London’s Harley Street Clinic on Tuesday, Alhamdulillah he is on road to recovery.

I really find Harley Street in London depicting a place that is completely alien from what one imagines being “Pakistan’s Rawalpindi Harley Street”. London’s Harley Street is a place that has all the glittering orb of the VIP existence and has special powers as its magnetic magic heals the people who get treated there. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif needed not to swing from one unit to another as it happens with patients in Pakistan.

The Harley Street Clinic provided him a specialized treatment whereas the similar named place in Pakistan is caught under multiple crises. In case you haven’t heard about this place let me begin by telling you that Harley Street in Rawalpindi was once regarded as a posh area and the conditions were much better at that time. It used to have carpeted roads, big bungalows and houses that are now being turned into schools, offices or clinics and making this place an overcrowded “Muhala” with damaged roads, miserable sewerage system.

Beginning of two dozens of schools in this area gives the impression of monsters that usually go out of control. The roads here claim two to three hours of parents who arrive to pick up their children every day and even of people who are just the passerby to the biggest hospital in the city (CMH). The attempts that are made to find alternative ways have resulted in a 24 hour chaos in such a small area and that has become a routine every day.

Harley Street Clinic London has been under spotlight due to our prime Minister getting treated there but the Rawalpindi’s Harley Street has made the life of people harder in every respect ranging from absurd to most absurd.

Someone needs to pay immediate attention to this problem because the traffic jams on these roads can lead to the loss of a human life any day. The roads are in miserable condition, terribly damaged and on one single road you can see dozens of deep inch holes causing damage to the cars, serious injuries to the people (who fall in the open holes). The poor drainage systems results in water flooding roads which becomes distressing for the residents.

Dear Prime Minister, Harley Street is a lucky name for you as you have got treated successfully for your heart surgery. If you are 1% superstitious as I am, please take care of this Harley Street too. As a prime Minister of Pakistan you have the choice of getting the best possible treatment for yourself anywhere in the world but as citizens of Pakistan, it is our right too to have better roads to drive on, improved sewerage system … so please take necessary action in this regard.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)