– Online Handyman Booking Platform

Sukoon Handymen Services, more popular as, is an online platform for homeowners and businesses to connect with handymen for all home repair and maintenance tasks related to electrical, plumbing, A.C repairs, carpentry, masonry or paint related works.

Sukoon’s inception is quite a witty story itself. The co-founders Shoaib Iqbal and Qazi Umair are IoBM alumni and had been colleagues at Rocket Internet, that was probably the place to instill the “startup” spirit. One night both Shoaib and Umair along with one another friend had a cheeky discussion over McDonald burgers that there should be a website or app that lets people book handymen and maids, drivers etc.

While Umair was dropping Shoaib off, he saw a text on his phone sent by Shoaib about the same idea which was an initial form of the idea. Upon asking Umair got to know that Shoaib was pretty serious about the idea and eager to work on it. From then, there was no stopping for the duo.

Sukoon is a graduate of The Nest I/O, [email protected]’s tech incubator powered by Google For Entrepreneurs. The online handyman booking platform closed successful seed round of funding earlier this year which made them highest valued online home repairs company of Pakistan.

Sukoon officially launched operations on 1st May 2015 and in less than a couple of years, has served up to 35,000 people all over Pakistan’s biggest city, Karachi.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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