Successful people who were bullied as kids

There are so many celebrities and famous figures that have come on the front to share their experiences as once targeted by bullies in the schoolyard or in the boardroom. How these successful people moved beyond their bullies is an inspiration to anyone who is bullied. When you compare your story with that of celebrities who were bullied, you find hope in yours.

Following are the few successful people whose lives have been shaped by the countless experiences of being bullied.

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Rihanna grew up in Barbados and was bullied by classmates during entire school life because of her appearance. She never understood why her skin color was a matter to be differentiated and bullied from the rest.

Kate Middleton:

Althing being in the top rank of the British Society now, Kate also failed to escape bullying when she was a teenager. She was targeted for her appearance and reputation during her time at the Downe House girls’ boarding school and for being a quiet and shy person. Her experience was so painful for her that after getting married to Prince William, they both directed their wedding guests to donate to charity for the BeatBullying organization.

Elon Musk:

Being the youngest and smallest guy in school, Elon Musk was relentlessly bullied and kids gave him a very hard time. His childhood in South Africa was a pretty tough time for him and he heated going to school as he was being brutally bullied and made him a lonely kid.

Lady Gaga:

It was no different for lady Gaga then any kids with a little different appearance. She was bullied for having a big nose and annoying. She says she was bullied for being funny, for her singing, and for her makeup because of which she hated to go to school sometimes.

Justin Timberlake:

In 2015, Justin Timberlake came shared his bullying experience by classmates in his childhood. He said that everyone in the school called him different, weird, and some other things which cannot even be told. But thankfully his mother taught him that being different is a good thing and it can actually help you make a difference than the rest.

Eva Mendes:

Childhood bullying was no different than others for the American actress Eva Mendes who is also a model and a businesswoman. She shared that she was constantly bullied for her small frame and unassuming personality. For her, bullying was like a torture and she was too afraid to turn to her family or school administration to help her. She dealt with all the pain herself and took years on understanding how to be able to confront her bully.

Michael Phelps:

The most adorned Olympian of all time; Michael Fred Phelps II is a retired competitive swimmer. He studied in Baltimore in middle school where he was bullied for having a hyperactive personality and big ears. He used to wear hats in order to hide his ears and even got suspended from school for fighting with his bullies. But these tough times made him learn and direct all his frustration into success as a swimmer. He thinks that bullying made him stronger as he learnt a lot in his hard times.

Via: Business Insider

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