Stop Going Online if You Wakeup

It’s just almost every day that you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep. Getting up at such time arouses lonely and isolating feelings inside. These might be caused due to your daily stress levels. You just wake up and see that there is no one around to talk to or to express your feelings with.

It is pretty common among many people to pass this time by surfing the web. You assume that it will help you go back to seep but unfortunately, the use of technology at this time affects the cognitive stimulation of your sleep; revving up the brain and causing neurons to increase the activity. Computer light actually enters the brain through your eyes and make it believe it is time to get up, it stops to relax and don’t let you sleep.

Breathing technique is something really useful in a situation when you having such feelings. Best way is to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth in an intense rhythmic manner. You can also tell yourself by repeating the world “relax”. Breathing out will help your parasympathetic nervous system or your autonomic nervous system to release hormones that can help you go back to sound sleep. But jumping onto computer will not be a good choice, it would be preferable to resist that temptation which will not at all help you to fall back to sleep.

Via: Tech Insider