Most In-Demand Skills Of 2019, According To LinkedIn

In order to stay ahead of the curve in 2019, you have to become smart in figuring out the most wanted skills by the companies and learn those skills.

LinkedIn has analyzed many job postings/openings from different companies to see which skills are needed the most in 2019. They’ve found, companies are looking for workers with both soft skills and technical skills.

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“The skills companies need most” was determined by looking at skills that are in high demand relative to their supply. Demand is measured by identifying the skills listed on the LinkedIn profiles of people who are getting hired at the highest rates. Only cities with 100,000 LinkedIn members were included.

The best part is, LinkedIn Learning courses are also mentioned by LinkedIn and in January, they are all free.

The soft skills companies are looking for most in 2019:


Recommended Courses: Creativity BootcampThe Five-Step Creative ProcessCreativity: Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity and Quality


Recommended Courses: Persuading OthersBecoming A Thought LeaderAdvanced Consumer Behavior


Recommended Courses: Collaboration Principles and ProcessBeing an Effective Team MemberBusiness Collaboration in the Modern Workplace


Recommended Courses: Strategic AgilityDeveloping Adaptable EmployeesDeveloping Adaptability as a Manager

Time Management:

Recommended Courses: Tony Schwartz on Managing Your Energy for Sustainable High PerformanceFinding Your Time Management StyleTime Management for Managers

Here are the hard skills companies need most in 2019:

Cloud Computing:

Recommended Courses: Learning Cloud Computing: NetworkingLearning Amazon Web Services (AWS) for DevelopersAWS for Architects: Advanced Security

Artificial Intelligence:

Recommended Courses: Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural NetworksArtificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine LearningMachine Learning and AI Foundations: Classification Modeling

Analytical Reasoning:

Recommended Courses: Making DecisionsDecision Making StrategiesExecutive Decision Making

People Management:

Recommended Courses: Motivating and Engaging EmployeesManaging Team ConflictLeading with Purpose

UX Design:

Recommended Courses: UX Foundations: Multidevice DesignUX Design: 01 OverviewUX Research for Agile Teams

Mobile Application Development:

Recommended Courses: React Native Essential TrainingiOS 12 Development Essential Training: 1 Fundamental, UI, and ArchitectureiOS 12 Development Essential Training: 2 Web Content, Views, and Distribution

Video Production:

Recommended Courses: Foundations of Video: The Art of EditingVideo Foundations: Cameras and ShootingWeb Video for Business: Creating a Web Series

Sales Leadership:

Recommended Courses: Sales CoachingSales Management FoundationsSales: Data-Driven Sales Management


Recommended Courses: Communicating Across CulturesDeveloping Cross-Cultural IntelligenceInDesign: Multilingual Publishing Strategies

Audio Production:

Recommended Courses: Digital Audio FoundationsAudio Recording TechniquesTips & Tricks for Modern Producers

Natural Language Processing:

Recommended Courses: Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking MachinesCreating Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework, Part 2NLP with Python for Machine Learning Essential Training

Scientific Computing:

Recommended Courses: Matlab Essential TrainingScala Essential Training for Data ScienceData Science Foundations: Python Scientific Stack

Game Development:

Recommended Courses: 2D Game Design and Development Essential TrainingCareers in the Game IndustryC# for Unity Game Development

Social Media Marketing:

Recommended Courses: B2B Foundations: Social Media MarketingMarketing on InstagramSocial Media Marketing: Social CRM


Recommended Courses: Animation Foundations: FundamentalsAnimation Foundations: GestureMaya 2018: Bifröst Fluids

Business Analysis:

Recommended Courses: Business Analysis FoundationsAgile Requirements FoundationsLearning Digital Business Analysis


Recommended Courses: Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing MasteryShane Snow on StorytellingEditing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection

Digital Marketing:

Recommended Courses: Marketing TipsBrand and Marketing IntegrationMarketing Foundations: Growth Hacking

Industrial Design:

Recommended Courses: Industrial Design FoundationsDesign Foundations: Prototyping and ManufacturingProduct Design: From Sketch to CAD

Competitive Strategies:

Recommended Courses: Developing a Competitive StrategyBusiness Development Foundations: Researching Market and Customer NeedsBusiness Development Foundations

Customer Service Systems:

Recommended Courses: Handling Abusive CustomersCustomer Service in Your First Retail JobBuilding Rapport with Customers

Software Testing:

Recommended Courses: Test Automation FoundationsBehavior-Driven DevelopmentScripting for Testers

Data Science:

Recommended Courses: Data Analytics for Pricing Analysts in ExcelData Science Tools of the Trade: First StepsData Science Foundations: Data Engineering

Computer Graphics:

Recommended Courses: Learning OpenGLAutoCAD Mechanical Essential TrainingAutoCAD: Advanced 3D Modeling

Corporate Communications:

Recommended Courses: Crisis CommunicationWriting a Press ReleasePublic Relations Foundations: Media Training


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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