Science says, being disagreeable at times can be a reason for success

We all have been in situations where everyone seems to be agreeing on an idiotic plan. We are reasonable to the world if we adapt our self to the world around us but become unreasonable if we are against it. We may not realize but there always is a voice inside our head that tells us that whatever other people are agreeing to is insane. This voice might actually be indicative of our ability to succeed.

According to experts, this is the one ability that has led many unqualified individuals to the pinnacles of success. Being disagreeable has been described as a characteristic in a sense that people who do not go with the flow, don’t feel to adhere to beliefs that are considered normal by others. If we understand this fact then these are the kind of people who do not need the approval of others to take an action.

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What does science say?

The psychologists in 2014 carried out a survey involving 200 college students for five major personality traits. These traits included extraversion, openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.

The students were asked to write down the original ideas after the survey was completed. Arranged in groups of three, students had to create a plan about the marketing strategy that was based on their ideas. It was found that apparently there was no relationship between innovative thinking and agreeableness; individuals who were less agreeable were more like to have their ideas included in the group projects. It happened because the disagreeable people had the tendency and were willing to argue and fight for their own ideas instead of accepting other people’s thoughts.

This proved that if you want to do something and you are truly passionate about it, then you need not to be afraid to bend the rules or upset a few people. Being disagreeable at points can help you become a leader without any traditional titles given to you by others.

Via: Business Insider

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