SanDisk Announces 1 Terabyte SD card

It is the world’s biggest SD card

The world’s biggest SD card is announced and it has storage much more then most of computers built-in storage.

The product is yet not released but will hit market very soon as revealed in a press release at

Now this is world’s first 1 TB SD card, no other company has ever gone that far and it surely will be bring a lot of joy to photographers, journalists as they do not have to worry about extra space for months.

It should come as no surprise that the product will be costly, the 512 GB SD card costs around $350 in USA. It is very cheap in Ali Express as can be seen at the following link. However the company offering the product is Kingston Technology.

The 512 GB card was released in 2014, just 2 years back.

Life is cruel, I am writing this from a 300 Gb Laptop.