Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has broken all presale records

Despite the fiery chaos of yesteryear when Galaxy Note 7’s devices started exploding randomly, Samsung as a brand was considered to be buried forever. Rarely, any company can ever recover from such a taxing and brand-damaging catastrophe but the fiasco became a turning point for the company. Samsung not only survived but barely a year later came out with Galaxy Note 8 which the company assured wouldn’t explode. This comeback story is having a happy start right now as the Note 8’s early preorders are indicating heavy sales.

According to Samsung, the preorder by customers for Galaxy Note 8 are more than any other Notes the company has ever sold in previous years. The company started to sell the device from August 24th.

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With an unapologetic price at $930, Samsung appears to be getting some pretty good presale offers. The company also kept the sufferers of the exploding Galaxy Note 7 by offering them a steep discount for trading in with their current device for Galaxy Note 8.

The company has not yet revealed how many preorders it has received for its new device. But there is so much that has been offered in the Galaxy Note 8 that it is easy to imagine a rising demand even with higher price.

Via: The Verge

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