Samsung is going to launch their Galaxy ‘X’ to compete with iPhone X

Samsung has recently confirmed its new folding smartphone. The Galaxy X which is named almost similar to that of Apple’s iPhone X is expected to be launched by the company in 2018, Forbes reports.

Here is a video which was released way back in March about Samsung Galaxy ‘X’ by TechConfigurations Published on Mar 16, 2017. Notice that iPhone X was just introduced over two weeks back so it gives us a clear impression about Samsung working on its ‘X’ model since 2016.

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The smartphone users around the world may have been amazed by the Apple’s iPhone X features. But the Samsung’s device assures that they will be awestruck on seeing its upcoming device. According to the reports, the device has already passed the Bluetooth certification as well as radio certification. Apple created a stir in the smartphone market by using a unique feature of its phone to bezel-less but Galaxy X has the potential to make the iPhone innovative features look old-fashioned.

The Galaxy X is expected to have an OLED bezel-less design which will be folded.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.11.41

Samsung Galaxy X – Foldable Smartphone 32MP Dual Camera, 12GB RAM, 256GB ROM, 9000mAh Battery

The phone can turn into half in size when not being used. The Galaxy X will take the smartphone game to a completely new level and will change the way we imagine and use our devices. There are only three aspects which can help Galaxy X to stand out from the crowd.

These three factors are the price, scale, and availability of the device. For creating interest in the market, it is necessary for Samsung to start talking about its Galaxy X because this is the only way, it can create a stronger demand.

Here is another video by a YouTube channel called MobySmartCat introduced in March, 2017 which talks about the Samsung X specs in detail.

 Excited?. Let’s wait for more leaked pictures.

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