Samsung Galaxy S8 with Revamped AI Assistant

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 is promising to be not at all like the exploding Note 7. S8 will be arriving next year and is expected to have a slick design with an enhanced camera features. It will also have an improved artificial-intelligence service.

According to Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung’s VP of Mobile, this time the company has tried to dig a bit deeper for the detailed working of the AI component. The company’s recently acquired Viv is assumed to be more trustable for developing a voice-guided assistant in order to respond to language related questions.

Previously, Samsung placed forward its aims for integrating Viv into its products along with some wearable and home appliances. According to the company, Viv was developed by keeping both developers and consumers in mind. Viv was considered ideal as an addition to Samsung’s home appliances and wearable stuff. The paradigm for interaction with the technology has moved towards voice control as well as intelligent interfaces.

With the immense popularity of technological advancements in this era, Samsung’s move towards improved Ai assistant is not something totally unexpected. Google and Apple are also working on their assistant services in order to upgrade their services. But for Samsung, it very careful with its each step as the company no more can afford to have another mishap like Note 7.

The launch of this new Samsung device is expected in February, 2017.

Via: TheNextWeb