Samsung Galaxy S8 will be costing more than iPhone 7

With a torrent of leaks around the upcoming flagship smartphone, we now know most of the details regarding the Galaxy S8. The device is supposed to be launching this month so there is not much to time to know what the upcoming handset actually has to offer.

Even with the launch day approaching, rumors about the Galaxy S8 have not stopped circling. The recent leak reveals that the upcoming S8 and its bigger Plus variation will be arriving in three colors including black sky, artic silver, and orchid gray.

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Along with different color variations,, there is something that may surprise Samsung fans. They may be collecting the same standard amount of money for buying the next Samsung Galaxy but it might not help. As the recent rumors indicate that the standard S8 version of the device will be costing €799 whereas the larger S8 Plus will be available for €899.

This time, the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy is going to be a bit higher than the iPhone 7 which in Europe costs around €760 for 32 GB storage configuration. The virtual reality accessories will be available at the price of €129 and €229 for GearVR and Gear360. Also, the rumors confirm the previously wondered dock functionality that enables a user to plug-in their galaxy S8 straight to their monitor for getting an improvised PC experience.

Mach 29 is the date when Samsung will be making the debut for its Galaxy S8. If all the features worked out as advertised, users will be more than happy to use the smartphone.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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