Samsung and Apple are set to reignite

Previously Samsung copied Apple patently until the point until it was dragged to court. After years-long battle, Apple through court rules had notified Samsung to no longer copy the company’s devices. But the latest rumors indicate that the companies are about to collide again.

This time around, it seems Apple is the one copying Samsung devices. It is following Samsung because of its lead in the technology coverage. This is something that is probably going to start flare back up. It is expected because of the iPhone rumors that have been surfacing from quite some time. These leaks describe a phone that has a curved OLED screen and the lack of a physical home button. These features indicate that the Apple’s upcoming device will be similar looking to the leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S8.

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But obviously this won’t be a blatant copy of the Samsung device as Apple will make its phone look like an iPhone. It may have squared-off corners instead of a 3.5mm jack like the S8’s. For Apple, wireless headphones are the most preferable so it will not be make a Samsung’s headphone copy. Also, the camera placement will be dictated by the new curved screen. Avoiding the home button will reduce the need for a large bezel on the bottom. It will allow Apple to reduce the size of the top bezel as well. Even if the surfacing speculations became true, Apple will launch a phone much different than the Samsung’s.

The physical sizes of the upcoming devices will not be the same. Both the companies will be able to design a device with a larger screen but that looks smaller in hand even with curved screens. By using slightly different aspect ratios, Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X can both have radically different feel.

The price of the upcoming devices of both companies may also not be similar. For Apple, it’s the 10th Anniversary model so it will be pricing it pretty high expected to be exceeding $1,000. But if Samsung kept its pricing scheme high, it may place Apple in a difficult position with its next iPhone. Even with a lot of similar traits, the storage capacity and camera capabilities may set both the upcoming devices apart.

Apple although traditionally announces its new devices in September but it may surprise its fan by launching it much earlier. Samsung on the other hand has announced the next Galaxy phone at a special NYC event later this March. But options aside, for fan boys’ specifications and design aspects are often disregarded, for them it’s the feel that makes a device similar to the other and this can happen with Apple and Samsung.

Via: Tech Crunch

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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