Richard Branson’s Simple Secret to Success

Every successful individual in the world has a different recipe for success. Some emphasized time management, some focus hard on team building but Richard Branson has a different secret to success.

It is something he has been doing for decades, every single day, and says it keeps me up and running, stay motivated and feel energetic. It’s the motivation packed up with massive energy that is a prerequisite for you to think about growth, above all think positive.

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Founder of Virgin Group says if you are looking for a productivity hack, one secret formula to change your life is summed up into amazing words “Work Out“.

It is as simple as that, Brandon says that exercise helps him double his daily productivity.

It makes me sharper, it leads to better decision making throughout the day.

There is a scientific reason why young entrepreneurs should workout daily. It releases the stress and it also increases the amount of oxygen flowing into the brain, releases chemicals that help improve the memory, and therefore helps in concentrating better.

Do you work out?

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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