Pakistani Girl Tops Online ACCA Test.

Aces the exam with 100% Marks.

We believe in a religion which provides opportunities to women to establish themselves as an important part of the society. Women want to become independent and gain power over the social and political affairs. Women’s empowerment is an important issue and their education in this respect has become one of the key objectives to achieve.

Women’s education is important for economic development, growth, and to break the vicious circle of poverty. This is the reason that educating women is critical for the economic development of a country.   

In Pakistan, women’s education is creating synergies that are bringing enormous intergenerational gains. One of the recent successes in this regard is the clinched first position by Sidratul Muntaha, in the online exam of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). She scored 100% marks in the Management Accounting MA-1 paper.

Sidratul Muntaha, is a permanent residence of Topi Tehsil of Sawabi district. She has been studying at the Professionals Academy of Commerce (PAC), Peshawar. According to a UK-based varsity, she has been declared as the global topper from Pakistan who has competed against the students of 180 countries of the world.

This brilliant student stated that,

“Frankly speaking, I had really worked hard however I was not confident that I will obtain 100% as my competition was along with thousands of others from 180 states. It was a computer-based paper that I attempted under the authority of British Council invigilators.”

She further added,

“I strongly believe out brilliant youth can do wonders when they get a complete platform and encouragement from their parents.”

Sidratul Muntaha suggested that the young lot of our country must perform in such programs that give them opportunities to compete on the international platforms.

Pakistan has a lot of talent and if the students are given proper guidelines and support, they can excel on the national and international podiums.

Picture Credits: The Dawn

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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