‘OverSight’ will prompt you when someone tries to access your webcam

Recently a new Mac-app called OverSight has been introduced by a former NSA staffer Patrick Wardle. This app actually helps to completely monitor your system for any possible attempts to access your webcam through any intrusive software such as OSX/Mokes, OSX/Crises, and OSX/Eleanor etc. you get a pop-notification when somebody tries to enter your system and hack the webcam.

The thought of somebody watching us through our webcam sends a chill down our spine and it should as it is becoming extremely common. You cannot compromise on this problem by just covering your webcam’s lens with a piece of paper because it will be just like brushing the bug under the rug.

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The developer of the app is pretty much satisfied with the app but warns users not to consider it the only solution for stopping hacker accessing webcams. This app acts as an extra security layer to prevent possible threats but it is possible that someone really sharp can successfully evade the app’s security. This app is good and is available for free on the website.

In the end, we will advise you to use tape over webcam as Mark Zuckerberg does.

You can visit their website at here.

Via: 9to5mac TheNextWeb

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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