Nokia Android phone about to appeal the market

In partnership with a local internet retail giant, the first Nokia-branded smartphone will be marketed exclusively in China. According to Nokia 6’s team the exclusive release of the smartphone in China is aimed to appeal the local market with the handset’s premium design.

The release was announced during the final day of the CSE tech sow in Las Vegas. Along with the release of other new mobile phones and gadgets, this news also hit the surface. This is because Nokia no longer manufactures its phones and has licensed its brand to another finished company, HMD Global. The phones released up till now under this agreement were pretty basic models but this Android device is highly predicted as Nokia’s comeback to the smartphone’s market.

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This brand was used by Microsoft for a year after purchasing Nokia’s devices unit in 2014. A decade ago, Nokia was once the leader of the mobile phone market but writhed after the launch of iPhone. It was afterwards pushed behind with the Google’s Android operating system.

With the onset of 2017, the newly licensed HMD Global had indicated the release of several Nokia-branded Android phones. According to the firm, the launching of HMD inspected smartphones in China reflects that the company wants to fulfill the consumer needs in different markets of the world. In 2016 there were over 552 million smartphones users in China. This figure is expected to grow more than 593 million users by 2017. This brand will be preffered by consumers in the Chinese market for its premium design and quality.

Also known as Nougat, the latest version of the Nokia 6 phone has

A 5.5in 1080p full high definition screen

A rear camera of 16 megapixel

A 64GB of storage and four gigabyte of RAM memory

Supported by Dolby Atmos audio processing it contains two amplifiers which according to HMD creates sound that seems to flow all around its users

The price of the latest device is 1,699 Yuan and the specifications of the phone are also not so high. The price of the device is less than Xiaomi’s Mi 5s but is above the Huawei’s Honor 6X. Launching of Nokia devices this year by HMD Global will help the company to take advantage of the brand’s popularity. In the highly competitive market of smartphones, the company hopes to make this brand a success again.

Via: BBC

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