No One Wants To Buy Twitter


This week, Twitter is on nobody’s wish list. It seems that for now, no one is ready to bid for its acquisition. This is the reason that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has walked away from making an offer to anyone to buy the company.

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All the big platforms such as Google and Disney are showing no interest in buying Twitter despite the fact that they were at first eager for its acquisition. Apple is also not a part of the game now and Verizon announced that it is no longer wants to make a purchase for Twitter. According to reports of CNBC, the social networking giant Facebook is also in no mood. Twitter is completely enterprise-focused and the acquisition does not seem to make any sense.

As for Twitter, there are no buyers’ apparently. The announcement of this platform’s purchase started to wither out users and now as it is not being sold; it will be very difficult to restart user growth. From revenue’s perspective as well, Twitter is moving very slowly. Even the new features such as streaming NFL games and presidential debates do not seem to make any much difference in the user growth.

On October 27th, Twitter has planned to update investors on the revenue earnings and then probably the company will have a clear path to decide about its acquisition.



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