Never eat at your desk and here is why

In this tech world, there are many professionals who typically dine “al-desko”. This is a situation where their faces and take-out meals are illuminated by the blue glow of their computer monitors. It’s not just the professionals when our work days are jam packed, we feel like that lunch time as the best time to catch up with our e-mails. We think we’ll be able to accomplish a lot of work by typing with one hand and eating a sandwich with the other. Beyond the gross-factor linked to the crumbs that amass between our keyboard cracks, there are many health reasons attached to this habit.

Following are the reasons we should not eat while sitting on our desks at work,

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Sitting all day is against human nature:

Studies have proved that getting up after every hour and taking a walk can save us from dying sooner. Just getting up and stretching helps to keep our muscles and mind fit. A little movement brings a lot of benefits to our spine and brain.

It lowers productivity:

According to experts, creativity and innovation happen when people change their environment or expose themselves to nature-like environment. Staying inside and at the same place can kill the creative thinking which no wonder ends up in lowering our productivity for good.

Keyboard issues:

The habit of eating at your desk is not only bad for your health but also the bits of pieces from your lunch, can find a place in the keyboard for the bacteria to grow. In order to be safe from this horrible situation, quit the habit of eating on your work desk.


There is no need to go out to a park or a restaurant during lunch hours, take this time to socialize with people. No matter in how small office you work, conversation with a bunch of interesting people can help you give insights to the workplace as well as a bit of the human condition.

Policies by companies:

Desk sitting during lunch time has been banned under many companies’ policies. They have agreed upon creating a healthy environment for their workers during lunch hours. It is a certification that requires employers to encourage staff to socialize during lunch time.

Via: Business Insider

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