Monetize your website

Who would not love to get rich or grow funds to cover the domain expenses? Now generating income by using your website is no more a myth. You don’t need millions of visitors to increase that income; your website along with providing information to clients can host advertisements and banners of various other companies. These companies are bound to pay you money once you place their ads onto your website neither these services require you to spend anything extra.

Forms of Advertisement Campaigns

There are three forms of strategies that can be used to increase income, these are

  1. Pay-per Click
  2. Pay-per Impression
  3. Affiliate marketing

Although all these strategies are easy to operate but still require an on-going work, they are not any kind of magic schemes. You can earn money by just focusing on the management of your website. You need to make sure which strategy suits your business the best. Another important factor that needs your attention while monetizing your website is the unavoidable link that will be displayed to your competitors. Website visitors while visiting the website come across many ads and you need to aware of any inappropriate content that is being displayed on your website.

Pay-per Click Campaigns

This is the easiest form of campaign; you get paid for the entire clicks that you get for the ads that are being displayed on your website. You can earn money ranging from $0.01 up to several dollars for every visitor. The advertiser pays you for the ad that is clicked.

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Pay-per Impression Campaigns

Pay-per Impression campaigns are offered by some of the online marketing companies and they pay you the money when their ad is displayed on your website. You generate income when a visitor visits your website and sees the ad. This income is determined on the advertiser’s cost-per-thousand impressions or CPM. You can easily make $20 for doing nothing if you are able to get 10,000 visitors per day.

Affiliate marketing

This is the form of advertising that works differently than the previous two strategies. This is the process which earns you a piece of profit for every sale that is made through your website. Although it generates income on a much higher level than the other two advertising strategies but it requires a lot of attention by you. The whole process works as follows

  • You get connected to the affiliate sharing company
  • You search for companies whose ads you want to display on your website
  • You apply to those companies for advertising their products
  • You paste the codes of advertisements on your website
  • When your website visitor clicks on the company’s ad and make purchases, it is tracked by a special code
  • You are awarded with a commission when the purchase is done.

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Forms of Ads

Image and text ads are the two forms that are used for promotion thorough a website. Sometimes, text ads work best for companies and at other times, imagery ads prove lucky. You need to check which form of ads work best for you,

Text ads

These are the form of advertisements that describe the company and characteristics of a product by using text. These are the most common forms of ads and are widely available everywhere.

Image ads

Images always have a greater impression than words, image ads describe a company and a product more easily and quickly rather explaining the whole story.

Link Ads

These are the form of ads that use neither text nor images and just come in the form of a single line.

Video Ads

These are the form of ads that carry rich media ads and are playable and stoppable by the visitor.

Ad Sizes

Following are the ad sizes that are most commonly used

Medium rectangle (300X250)

Large Rectangle (336X280)

Leaderboard (728X90)

Wide Skyscraper (160X600)

Horizontal Ad Sizes

Half Banner (234X60)

Banner (468X60)

Large Leaderboard (970X90)

Vertical Ad sizes

Skyscraper (120X600)

Vertical banner (120X240)

Large Skyscraper (300X600)

Square Ad Sizes

Square (250X250)

Small Square (200X200)

Small rectangle (180X150)

Button (125X125)

Place for getting affiliates or advertisements:

Along with the most common place to add ads on your website such as Google AdSense, you can get affiliates from

Tips for maximizing your Websites Potential

Following tips can help generate more income by not affecting your visitors

Ad Placement

You can place the ads anywhere on your website but its good if you place them where everybody can see it easily. Word press or Joomla will help you to place ads on side navigation areas so that these are shown on every single page of your website.

Try not to over crowd your pages:

In order to earn more money, do not over crowd your website with a lot of advertisements as it will be damaging to your own content.

Relevant Content:

Do not make your website look complicated by adding irrelevant content. It is better to display the information that is related to your niche.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)