Meet Shahmeer Amir, the third most proficient cyber bug hunter in the world.


Industries wasted billions of dollars on firewalls and policing network perimeters, these strategies do made them feel safe but failed to address the real problems. The recent breaches of many companies that were attacked, for all the cost and promises, are a real example of security software failures.

Now as the number of threats has visibly grown, industries are ramping up hiring the next generation of cyber soldiers and they are known as the white hat hackers. Cyber security and cyber policy are becoming the most popular majors on campuses. Most of the young students are stepping up to help government agencies with cyber policy analysis skills. They are becoming most wanted computer and networking experts.

Although the label “hacker” comes usually with negative connotations but these are the people with a lot of computer and programming knowledge. They use their asset to find holes that criminal hackers could exploit and fix the problems before the damage.

Shahmeer Amir, a cyber-security researcher, is one such person who is helping institutions to improve their security in Pakistan.

Educational Background:

Shahmeer Amir was born in Multan and has been ranked as the third most proficient bug predator in the world. He completed his intermediate in engineering from Government Degree College in Gulshan-e-Iqbal and did his bachelors in Electronic Engineering from Hamdard University on scholarship. He has been tracing bugs and security gaps in websites from a very early age.

His Achievements:

At the age of 21, he is earning good by reporting bugs to more than 300 organizations around the world. He has been ranked as the 11th best hacker around the world. He has been summoned by Defcon event by HackerOne, which is regarded as the biggest conference for hackers.

He is helping websites to set security so that criminal hackers do not exploit them. He has worked with so many organizations including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, twitter, Dropbox, Linkedin etc.

At Present:

He is working with his team on a cyber-security startup, Cyphlon. It is led by Plan9 of the Punjab Information technology Board (PITB). He is focusing on how to eradicate the loop holes of the Pakistan’s cyberspace and IT companies and make them secure from any outward threats.

Shahmeer Amir, wants the Pakistani youth to equip themselves with a skillset that can help them to better play their roles in finding solutions to security breaches on cyber platform. He wants the learning institutions to honestly train the young lot with latest computer programming skills.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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