Mark Zuckerberg all set to finally get a degree from Harvard

Like endless ribbons, lines wrap around the yard as Harvard celebrates its commencement exercise. For this occasion, the black-robed PhDs and scholars gather from around the world to burst forth like brilliant bows. Every graduation season, everyone including the President delivers commencement speeches across the US.

In history, the Commencement has always been the most joyous event of summers in which the speeches are closely associated with the thirst of learning. But in nature, things look somewhat different today. The administration has been inviting people who once had been dropped out from their institutions. It’s because their achievements even being a dropout are enough to make the world learn from them.

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In 2007, the cofounder of Microsoft received his degree after thirty years of leaving Harvard. He is considered world’s most successful dropouts and for decades he has been one of the wealthiest men on earth. Recently, the business school has just announced that this year Mark Zuckerberg will deliver the commencement speech for the year 2017. He is also one of the most popular dropouts who will finally be getting a degree from Harvard University.

On May 25th, Zuckerberg will be standing behind a microphone in Harvard and will address the latest class of graduates who actually managed to earn their degrees from the institution. According to the Harvard President Drew Faust, selection of Mark Zuckerberg for the speech should not come as a surprise. Zuckerberg is among few individuals who have changed the world with their brilliant innovations. There are very rivals who can compete with his use of technology in the modern world. Along with his philanthropic efforts, he has committed himself to advance science, enhanced education, and expanded opportunities.

A short video has been released by the university featuring Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. It shows Gates munching on snacks while Zuckerberg grins at him like an impatient school lad with a crush on the professor. The conversation between the ageing Microsoft founder and the fellow dropout will make the education fans wait for the next speech impatiently.

Via: Business Insider

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