Making Money Online In 2016

Nowadays a lot of people are switching to making money online. The majority of these people are students, housewives, and in some cases even working professionals. This is because everybody wants to earn extra money. Technology has created so many ways to earn money by simply utilizing one’s own creative skills.

This year you can earn money by ventures that can bring in a nice passive income by giving the flexibility to choose your own hours and rates.

Following is the list of online jobs that you can easily start either you want to earn extra income or want to pursue it as a permanent career in future. It’s you who decides which job can provide you better income.

1. Become a Writer:

If you have the writing skills and a good command over English language, then you can become a writer. You can polish your skills by working with content websites. But these content websites are not a good source if you want to earn more cash because they pay less. But you can start your own blog posts once you become a professional in this field. It is always better to email the editors of the content websites with a bunch of ideas in order to provide them an overall image for your writing.

On content websites, you can earn three cents for a single word and $50 for guest posts.

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2. Graphic or Web designing:

Do you have a creative mind with a good sense for colors? If you have that sense, then it won’t be difficult for you to design a book cover or a website homepage. Your creative skills can be helpful in earning cash and you can become a graphic or a web designer.
Make yourself available for hiring by presenting a blog post that clearly describes your creative skills. You can ask your contacts for further referring you for work and if you are on your own, then UpWork is the best place for you.

Graphic or web designing is good way to earn money and with a little experience you can be able to earn up to $100 per hour.

3. Photography:

If you have a passion for photography then you can become an online photographer. But photography is a serious business and you need to have a decent camera in order to capture images. All you require is a basic understanding of the photographic principles and training with the photo-editing programs. This will allow you to prepare yourself for a professional level photography and you can earn money by taking photos.

It is up to you whether to become a wedding photographer or to sell your captured images through a website. You can have many options to give yourself a good start. The photography websites can pay you up to 15 to 50 cents per photo although best captured images can also be sold for up to $60.

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4. Calligraphy:

If you have a good handwriting, you can offer freelance calligraphy services. You can master this art with the online programs and can create beautiful envelopes, place cards, birthday party cards etc. This can turn into a great business if you take a course and practice constantly for better results. You can contact other calligraphers through your social media network and spread the word about your art. Etsy can help you earn up to $2 to $5 for hand-written envelopes and signs can even go up to $50 or more. Your rewards also depend upon the quality of your work.

5. Create an ebook:

If you have knowledge about a particular subject then you can sell it online and earn cash. You can create a digital product such as ebook to help people with their issues regarding that subject. If you product is good enough, people will purchase it and you will earn the cash online. You can sell even through Amazon Kindle or Apple’s iBooks.

6. Tutoring:

In today’s world, tutoring has taken a digital form. Online tutors are earning more than high school teachers. If you know the art of teaching, then start your career online. You can tutor students and explain them difficult concepts from home. This will help you earn extra cash and if you are good, you can even demand higher rates. The tutoring service can make you earn up to $13 to $20 per hour in the beginning. But you can earn a lot more with a little experience in this field.

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7. Become a website developer:

If your know how to code then you can develop websites or applications. You can get the experience by taking courses and spending time on personal coding projects. With a little training you can become a good website developer and your earning can range within $75 to $150 per hour. Some of the high quality freelance developers earn even more for their services.

8. Officiate weddings:

If you are a social bird then you can use it as a skill and earn money for yourself. You can arrange for the weddings for people and take on their responsibility. You can arrange for all their tasks from arranging cards to ordering wedding cakes and this all can be done online too. It is easy to get started with your friends or family’s weddings and your pay scale can go up once you become a little experienced in your field.

9. Making and selling of creative products:

Spending time for hobbies is the most relaxing time for people and they enjoy every moment of it. Keeping a hobby is the sign of a healthy mind and you can also turn it into a money making business. If you are good at knitting, cooking, soap-making, wood-work, gardening etc., then you can produce products for professional purposes. You can earn money by selling your creativity to other people. Even in this digital age, there is a lot of demand for hand crafted elements. Many housewives have turned their hobbies into successful businesses. You can do that too by creating products and then advertising for them through your friends circle or through online campaigns.

10. Online Teaching:

There is always a need for educating people irrespective of their age. Some people are not lucky enough to enroll in proper schools at proper timings but it does not mean that they should remain uneducated for the rest of their lives. You can launch education programs for adults and provide them language learning, jewelry making programs etc. so that they can support themselves. This can be very much beneficial with respect to developing countries like Pakistan where literacy rate is very low. Your program will not only help you earn money but will also make people earn an independent living.