Make your Android phone an in dash display for your car

The Android Auto concept was introduced by Google two years ago. It allowed people to link their car infotainment systems with their phones in order to regulate music playback, answer calls, and get directions by not using their handsets.

The Android Auto system caters to around 200 models and not everyone can benefit from this feature. The upcoming version will make it possible for majority of users to use the new app by requiring version 5.0 Android Device or the newer of the OS.

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The version 2.0 of the Android Auto will be easier to use on the mobile device due to its oversized interface. When the phone is paired through Bluetooth with supported car mounts, it will automatically start up. Logitech is making the app that will soon be available on Google online stores. Google’s voice command, users will be able to control music, messaging apps, as well as maps without reaching for their handsets. Google has confirmed that this updated version will be available in more than 30 countries within next few days.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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