MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Apple has finally put touch screen on Mac and has placed a touch bar on its latest MacBook pro. The touch bar is a thin touch screen strip that runs from one edge of the keyboard to the other. This screen has replaced many function keys with digital keys.

This Touch Bar is a good addition to MacBook Pro but this is something not necessary for most people. The screen adapts to every app a person is using and brings up the keys and functions that are required. But this does not mean the work can be completed faster. Clicking on traditional keys and digital keys is the same. Also, the new MacBook Pro is not cheap to buy; it starts from $1,799 or $300 more as compared to a version without a touch bar.

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This might not be more advantageous as compared to the original versions of MacBook and the average users are recommended to consider buying the entry-level models instead. Touch bar on MacBook Pro is a something that looks great but it’s not of a huge benefit for average users. It is certainly not something that can change the way we work on the older versions of MacBook Pro.

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