LinkedIn’s New E-Learning Site Is Loaded With 9000 Courses

LinkedIn helps you to make a profile that stands out form the crowd. It provides a strong network to follow links that can provide you motivational advice from leaders of the industry. Now, LinkedIn is bringing a lot of changes to its operating system. It is releasing a new site that is going to include education and training programs for its users. It is planning to launch a platform that can help users recognize their skills and master them through these online courses. These courses are prepared under the supervision of experts in various fields.

These courses will also be available to the staff members and they will be able to choose the courses that they like. Managers of the companies will be able to recommend the courses which they feel most appropriate for their employees.

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The platform is loaded with almost 9,000 courses which are hosted by more than 800 experts.

Topics of the courses include project management, risk-taking, operation management fundamentals etc.

According to the Vice President, Product at LinkedIn Ryan Roslansky,

“We are aware of the value and the shelf life of the professional skills. Their time span has reduced to even less than five years. People need to acquire latest skills with the help of completely modified and data-driven platform. The best we could do is to provide it through LinkedIn Learning Program”.

For benefitting from the services, you are required to be a LinkedIn Premium Subscriber. Subscribers will be allowed to take 25 courses per week. All the companies will be able to enlist their information through a business subscription.

Desktop Overhaul:

Along with social learning, LinkedIn is providing a redesigned look for its desktop experience that will be much simpler. It will give users a more intuitive experience and this design will work for the foundation of the LinkedIn’s future networking system.

The redesigning of the system is under process and is expected to appear soon. Efforts are being made in order to make the platform a place for more relevant content that can provide users with latest and trending news. LinkedIn is also planning to introduce bots over its platform that can perform tasks relating to messaging service.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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