LinkedIn Top Most In demand Career Skills

Today, when we look around, we see technology everywhere. People are acquainted with technology in schools, banks, organizations, restaurants, companies, etc. via computers, tablets, smartphones, and many other technological devices. The revolutionary technological advances are right on our doorstep which are reshaping our thinking patterns towards work.

This is the reason that enterprises and persons perceive attaining of online skills as strategic and are aspiring to adopt the upcoming technical skills. The nature of careers and learning’s is changing and we are always in the search of acquiring skills that can make us productive contributors in the future.

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This is the reason the social networking site LinkedIn has highlighted some of the online skills that are most in demand by the employers. In order to know the exact findings, LinkedIn analyzed the overall preferences of its users.

Individuals with some of the specific skills were preferred over others when it comes to hiring by the employers. According to the report, if people acquire any of these skills, they are in demand, atleast for 2016.

Here is a list of the skills that are most preferred jobs in 2016 (a list compiled in 2015). The list is put by Sohan Murthy, a LinkedIn researcher on the company’s blog. –


What skill are you expert in?

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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