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There is nothing worse than being a classic egotistical in the business world. Everyone is aware of that one person who just can’t help but tell everyone how awesome he is. But if he was actually that cool, why would he have to tell everyone? The truth is that emotional intelligence is not something everyone is blessed with. But you know that actual confidence comes with humility and it is something everyone can work on.

Following are the ways you can become confident without being cocky:

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Know your limitations:

For being confident you need to know what your strengths are. But you also need to know your limitation so that you don’t become cocky because it what you should avoid the most. You must understand what the things you must not do are.

Have people around that can keep you accountable:

Nothing is better to have a group of people who are not afraid to show you the picture o any situation. These are the people who hold you accountable for your actions and tell you that you are not being arrogant no matter how confident you are. You should always have a group of people who tell you the truth and are not afraid to share when you are wrong.

Keep a track of your success and failure:

You can gain instant confidence by remembering what you have achieved in your life. This may solidify the idea that you are not worthless but also will strengthen your belief that you can give back to the community. But by keeping in mind the failures you have suffered, you will remember that no matter how great things go you can make mistakes so there is no reason to be arrogant with the achievements in your life.

Stay grounded:

You need to look at yourself and understand what you are going through. This can be better done with being mindful with your feelings, your surroundings, and the actions that you take. These are in fact the small reminders that will tell you where you are and how to stay on the right track.

Check yourself:

In order to know that you are confident but not cocky, it is important that you take out your success/failure log and have a look at it. Ask yourself if you are being overly confident or not being confident enough. Become mindful of the reality and consistently check yourself so that you don’t become arrogant.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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