Leaders who don’t listen are surrounded by the people who have nothing to say

One of the qualities of a good leader is, they listen. The biggest thing to worry about for any organization is when their most loyal employees go quiet and do not give their input in organizational matters. This is the beginning of the demise of an organization because all doors to growth, knowledge have been shut by the leader.

Leaders who don’t listen are surrounded by people who have nothing to say.

It is because, despite the valuable input, leaders don’t pay heed to the advice of their employees. When you are not heard or taken seriously, you begin to hold back and stop giving your valuable advice which could result in the organization’s growth. The leadership quality is also explained in detail in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Self-centered leaders are dangerous. They believe that they are self-made and have come this far all on their own and they do not need anyone giving them any advice about their business. They have closed all the doors for advice because they only trust themselves.

Because of lack of trust, inability to listen to the other’s point of view, such leaders are destined to doom sooner or later. The reason being, their most loyal employees are already planning to switch over to a better work opportunity.

The downfall begins because the loyal employees go quiet. They do not voice their opinion for improving things in the organization amid lack of action.

For any organization, its employees are the backbone.

“Loyal employees are the company’s best asset.” Richard Branson

When bosses believe the loyal employees are in the organization because they are comfortable, they do not need pay raise and they will not go anywhere, they do not realize, it is because the loyal employees have stopped caring about the boss and the organization. A leader should be kind and give value to everybody’s suggestion. Science has also proved it, if you are kind you can be a good leader.

Loyalty and passion need to be cherished, protected and rewarded. Do you agree?