Latest research reveals, the more you hug your kids — the smarter they get

Are you an affectionate parent who always likes to hug your kids? Keep doing the good work 

A latest study shows that the physical affection is a very positive gesture for a baby’s development stages.

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A recent survey from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio reveals that the brain development of babies hugged more is higher.

The study was performed on 125 babies, both premature and full term to find out how the physical touch effects a baby’s growth and development.

Study reveals that that the affection has lesser impact on the premature babies than the normal ones. However, more affection by hospital staff and parents resulted in better brain and stronger response.

Dr. Nathalie Maitre, a researcher on the subject, concluded that simplest gestures like touching, holding or rocking a baby can make a big difference in their brain development.

Talking to Science Daily, Maitre said “Parents of the premature babies should make sure to make more skin-to-skin contact with their babies and contribute to their brain development, same as the babies experiencing full time pregnancy in their mother’s womb.

Affection plays a vital role in the development of a baby’s brain and leads to better health and happiness. So don’t be shy to show your affection to your baby any time and keep sharing this research to reach out more parents out there to make them understand the power of love for their children.

Via: NewsNer

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