It is not that bad actually if things are falling apart

The meanings you attribute to events influence you more than you realize. Your outlook dictates your response when it seems your life is falling apart. It is natural to feel disappointed and depressed when your life is falling apart because you face uncertainty, shock, and embarrassment. But what most people don’t realize is that for circumstances to unfold, they must fall apart to rebuild a stronger foundation.

If you consider a renovated house, if you were to evaluate the overall design while being demolished, you will think it will never come together as planned. But if you consult with the architectures and interior designers, you will see amazing plans for the refurbishment that looks wonderful when it gets completed.

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It seems hard to survive when things fall apart because your emotions get hurt; you feel the world is ending, and there is no way you will find solace in any other situation. But there are ways that can help you to cope with this grief that is inside you. You just have to be kind to yourself and practice some strategies that can help you to stand up again to face life:

Pay attention to your own self:

In troubled times, you ignore yourself the most. But you don’t realize that the last thing you can do to make the situation even worse is to let self-destruction happen. You should remember that many of the problems will not get resolved because your mind is not strong enough. No matter what the circumstances are, stop and think about yourself kindly. Get rest and take care of yourself in every way.

Stand up for yourself:

When things are falling apart, there is a lot going on in your mind. But some people are ignorant of your situation and may ask you to do some favors. But don’t accept to do things only because you cannot say no. stand up for yourself and don’t accept to do things that fall above your assigned duties.

Plan ahead:

You cannot stop planning even if things are not going the way as you wanted them to. If your plans fail, recalculate your directions and don’t be afraid to start all over again. Always have a plan B for action in case your Plan A fails.

Be grateful:

Experiencing a bad situation does not mean everything is bad. You have to be thankful for even the tiniest things that make up your life. Be thankful for the breaths you take, legs that carry you from one place to another, hands to work on your own without being dependent on others etc. These are all the things that never leave you when few things go wrong.

Just do nothing:

Life is no doubt hectic and bad things keep on happening. But that does not mean that you lose hope and end your life. But you can take time for yourself and connect with your inner self. This may force you to sit down and do nothing. There is nothing bad in not doing anything for some time. Just pay attention to your breathing and inhale and exhale deeply to make you relaxed.

Accept your feelings:

Feeling angry and sad is what indicates you are a human, so do not try to shun away from these emotions. Instead, release your tension feeling what is going inside you may it be crying or growling. But once you allow your feelings to express openly, make plans for making things better ahead.

Take support:

You cannot deal with your depressed emotions alone so take help from your family and friends. They will always guide you to choose the next right path and to make more stable plans for your life.

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