Issuing of Fatwa against Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular game that is sweeping the globe nowadays. In an urge to catch the interesting characters, players enter into areas that pose a threat to country’s sacred places. The obsession is so intense that some players often end up getting themselves into trouble.

This is the reason that Saudi Arabia’s has issued fatwa against this virtual game. The authorities have recently declared that Pokemon Go is violating Islamic teachings and is promoting gambling, polytheism and atheism. In 2001, this fatwa was imposed on Pokemon cards and other games. It had warned parents to keep their children away from anything related to Pokemon Go.

Saudia Arabia is not the only country who has placed a ban on this game, Pokemon Go is forbidden by Islamic authorities in Egypt. In Russia, it is banned because authorities say it resembles Western Intelligence Agencies. Indonesia has banned this augmented reality game and have warned officials not to return to offices if they jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon. In Australia, authorities have made it clear for trespassers that playing of game while trespassing will not at all be taken as an excuse and people will have to face charges.

Despite of these issues, the game has earned over US$200 Million is first month alone beating earnings of Candy Crush.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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