iPhone sales breaking records again

Apple, the biggest seller for iPhones was expected to see an uptick in sales for this quarter. Thanks to long-awaited results of its personal computing division, it is a big relief regarding the revenue records for iPhones. The company is considered to be on the right track now as the latest reports of the financial quarters have surprised and broken all records.

In Q1 2017, Apple saw a record of $78.4 billion in revenue as compared to the $75.9 billion in the same period last year. Around 64% of the revenue was generated by the international sales. The entire sale however was pushed largely by iPhone sales instead of any of the other Apple’s products. The company states that it has successfully sold 8% more devices as compared to last year and has set all-time revenue iPhones, services, Mac, and Apple watch.

Recent release of revenue records have changed the big story over the past six months in regards to Apple’s earnings. The strong financial results of the first quarter of 2017 have shown that Apple has generated highest quarterly earnings ever. Although iPad and Mac still need some attention, it seems that iPhone 7 has put an end to Apple’s phone sales slump for now.