Intelligence is inherited from mother not the father

Are you a smart person who picks up things quickly, is clever and most importantly very intelligent? Psychology spot reports that according to a research, it is mother who is mainly responsible for transmitting intelligence. According to psychology spot, researchers say mothers are largely responsible for transmitting intelligence genes.

You may want to thank your mother for that…

This is an interesting research because men will look for the intelligence in a woman with the hope to pass that on to their children. It is claimed, intelligence is largely carried in the X chromosome and as you may know women typically carry 2 X chromosomes in comparison to men who carry one X and one Y. Researchers say that intelligence is conditioned to be active only when it comes from the Mom’s genetic material.

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Scientists first tested this theory through the use of genetically modified mice, posted. In the research the mice who received primarily maternal genetic material have more active brain than those who did not receive the maternal genetic material.

Keeping Science aside, the world has seen some real time case studies where people have done wonders in their life even though they were not born smart or atleast their childhood never depicted that. They develop their smartness, intelligence through combination of different attributes which includes reading, sports and of-course a lot of hard work.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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