Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2020 | Social Media Marketing

COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on a standstill. So many small businesses have suffered badly and few even going out of business.

Social media marketing is one effective way to help these small businesses to stand back ont heir feet and make sales online.

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For social media marketing, Facebook and Facebook-owned companies are probably the best way to generate leads and sales.

Instagram is often ignored by social media marketers but those who do, they focus on generating likes and followers whereas the approach needs to be the other way around.

Trust me, on Instagram, followers, and likes hardly matter. You’ve got to approach this platform to build a brand, maintain a reputation, and with continuous value addition for your followers, you get in a better chance of generating sales of your product and services.

The following are 5 strategies to increase your brand reputation and generate sales organically in 2020 on Instagram.

1- What’s your plan?

With Instagram, your primary goal should be not to increase likes and followers. Focus on long term picture. Focus on creating a website, driving traffic to your website, installing newsletters widget so you can take emails and send emails to your subscribers in the future.

On your website, install Facebook PIXELS, in the future when you advertise on Facebook, select audience from PIXELS and you will be reaching out to the people who have already visited your website.

2- Identify your target market:

Know who is your audience. What do they want and provide them with that
particular purpose. Your target market is the person who will benefit the most from your content.

I would advise you to flush the rest of the audience. Stop worrying about unnecessary followers who do not resonate with your brand. The best way is, identify your targeted audience such as age,
gender, city, etc. This will help you price better.

3- Creating strategic content focused on your target market.

Always provide value to your audience. Create content specifically for your
targeted audience. Producing content with no direction ends up attracting people who
are good for nothing and don’t take any action.

4- Engage with your target audience daily.

Once you know whos your target audience, finding them is easy. Use
hashtags, follow those particular accounts, engage, and also respond to the comments on your
own posts  This builds a bond between you and them.

5- Call to action

Always have a call to action on each Instagram post. The best way is to take the traffic to your website as discussed earlier. A call to action is very important.

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