Instagram introduces stickers and hands free video

Instagram has brought an awesome feature to its platform. Users can now incorporate stickers to their videos and photos stories. It’s similar to SnapChat’s feature. Next to the drawing tool, a sticker button shows up in the form of a smiley face which is very typical of Instagram.

To this SnapChat’s inspired feature, Instagram has brought improvement by adding up specific sticker for weather, current time, and location. For all these type of variables, SnapChat has filters which remain fixed. But Stickers are easy to be resized and moved around. According to the holiday season, there are a lot of stickers for users to choose from.

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Also Instagram has added hands-free for its video recording feature. It is not appropriate to consider it totally hands free. Hands-free means not holding on to the button for recording the video but for Instagram’s video, users will have to tap once at the beginning and tap again at the end. This is what the regular cameras already do to record a video. But it is a good thing as users don’t need to continuously hold on to the button for recording a video.

To Instagram photos and videos, text can be added by tapping the text button for adding on more instances. Also, the new slider allows the users to adjust the text size such as automatic text wrap. Another thing that is just available to iOS users is that they can save their entire story from the past 24 hours in one go. For iOS and Android, all these latest features have been introduced for latest version of Instagram, (10.3).

Via: The Next Web

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