Imperfections reflect on the shortcomings of your character. Here are 5 simple ways to embrace imperfections


Every human is born with perfect genes and a mind and body but despite knowing this, many people stay in doubt of their self-worth. If only people knew how the universe sees them, it would renew their self-confidence. But there are many people who spend their lives trying to slog through the shame swampland to reach the place where they allow themselves the permission to be imperfect and believe they are enough.

When you see your imperfections, you reflect on the shortcomings of character after you fail to respond to a situation in an emotionally-balanced manner. You harshly criticize yourself for not having achieved something defined as successful or good by social convention. There is nothing bad in trying to be your best but when you get enslaved by a compulsion to meet some artificial idea of what is to be perfect, you try to become a perfectionist in the negative sense of the word.

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Following are the few ways that can help you soften your expectations of yourself and embrace your imperfections by creating more room for beauty, compassion, and contentment:

Examine how you view other’s imperfections:

For embracing your own imperfections, you first have to examine how you embrace the imperfections in others. You need to know how you view the physical world around you. You must be able to see beauty in what others assume as imperfect. This practice will help you train yourself to see beauty because of imperfections.

Embrace who you are:

You live a frustrated life when you keep on thinking what you should be in life. This is something that stops you from taking your first flight and weakens your sense of worthiness. But through honest communication with yourself, remind yourself that you are enough and worthy of love no matter the flaws that you have.

Accept the good in imperfection:

There may have been many times when you have avoided meditating or exercising because you are not in your perfect clothing or at the perfect place. But that’s how you avoid the good coming to you. Instead, embrace the good in the imperfect state and don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Make it your way of living:

You need to stay strongly connected to the inner knowledge that you are divine and you are perfect as you should be. When you look at this way, every imperfection you have becomes worth embracing because you are yourself divine and see the broader picture.

Make it enjoyable:

If everything comes perfect, you are met with no contrast and then there isn’t anything to enjoy. Have you ever thought about sports games? They are enjoyable because there are obstacles in the way of achieving goals. Same is the case with your life, moving around the obstacles and overcoming them makes you a good player. So, enjoy the process and embrace the imperfections that exist.

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