Hyperloop One Building its first 500mph train in Dubai

The leading Hyperloop Company in the world is no longer just a pipe dream. The evolving technology has pursued the company to stand up its first high speed transport system in Dubai. Recently at an event hosted at Burj Khalifa, Hyperloop One announced that in partnership with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority the company plans to build the system.

With the announcement about the project, Hyperloop One stated that a train ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will cover the distance in 12 minutes. It will take 48 minutes to travel from Dubai to Riyadh and to Doha; it will cover the distance in 23 minutes. This will happen with an extreme speed of 500mph.

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The company has just signed the deal with RTA and is intensely researching on the existing system of the place. Therefore Hyperloop One has not disclosed any terms of the deal with Dubai and its technology as it is still in the testing phase. The company’s initial plan is to study the possibility of building a line that connects it to Abu Dhabi’s Emirati Capital.

Via: Hyperloop

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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